Creating a Backyard Oasis w/ Premier Grill Brands

Twin Eagles/Delta Heat, Two Brands - One Great Company, Made in Cerritos, CA

Twin Eagles Company offers two premier brands, Twin Eagles & Delta Heat. The grill is the cornerstone of the outdoor kitchen but it is the complementary pieces that bring the kitchen to life. Both, Twin Eagles & Delta Heat, will create a space that is unique and compliment your person style. 

We carry Twin Eagles/Delta Heat because they are the best American made grills at their price points. Stop in and see why they are in backyards all over America. 


Combining premium features with affordability, Blaze grills and outdoor products are the perfect addition to any patio or outdoor kitchen. Don’t let the China tag discourage you. Blaze, is the best grill from Asia: That's why we carry it. Plus, Blaze has local (DFW) distribution capability. 

We routinely beat online prices, with one or two day deliveries. And best of all, with us, you won’t have to deal with damaged freight via an Internet order. 


Since its launch in 1996, Lynx has set the standard for design, innovation, and engineering excellence. Their dedication to innovation has resulted in such advances as Lynx’s hood assist kit, Lynx ProSear and cast brass burners. Lynx outdoor kitchen products embrace fine craftsmanship and the company is proud to do its manufacturing in California, USA. 

We carry the Lynx Professional line. Stop in and let us show you Lynx.