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DFW's Ceramic Grill Experts

In the Kamado Grill world, we are known as Ceramic Grill Store, a worldwide leader in grill accessories. We do more to accessorize kamado grills than the grill companies, just ask Big Green EGG®. On our showroom floor are Kamado Joe, Primo and EGG for hands-on comparison. We'll help you pick the right grill to last a lifetime! Already own a ceramic grill, our accessory line-up is best in the Metroplex - no other dealer can match us. We are the premier grill store, here to help you take your grilling abilities to the next level. 

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Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe is more than just fire and smoke. it's about connecting with friends and family, slowing life down, enjoying a cold beverage and sharing  simple pleasures. A Kamado isn’t just a grill. It’s a lifestyle. 

Wonder how Joe stacks up to EGG. We can show you why current Big Green EGG owners marvel over Kamado Joe when in the store. It won't take long for you to recognize that Kamado Joe is the best ceramic grill in the market today. 

Kamado Joe is affordable and always on sale, Our online prices beat other retailers and our in-store sales beat our online deals. So, jump in the pick up and come see us. As you can see, we keep more Kamado Joes on-hand than any other DFW dealer - that's not all the Joes too. 

Big Green EGG®

With 7 sizes available, there is a Big Green Egg for every budget and family size. Before purchasing your Egg, please come see us to insure you get set-up properly with grills size and accessories. Find out why most folks wish they went XL over Large. 

We are the home of the original Big Green EGG expander. Our proprietary line of Egg accessories are routinely recommended on social media as the best available. No other retailer in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex can match our Egg packages on price or ability. We'll introduce you to cool toys no other Metroplex retailer can match. We've been accessorizing EGGs since 2005.  

Primo Grills

As the only American made, ceramic Kamado style grill, Primo Grills celebrate American ingenuity, quality craftsmanship and the passion for great food. From the flagship Jack Daniel’s Edition Oval XL 400 to the classic round Kamado, every Primo grill is made to be a primary outdoor cooker. Primo Grills can be added to any built-in outdoor kitchen or used as a stand-alone grill in the Primo cart. Primo Grills are built in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Texas BBQ Grills is the only retailer in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex that includes free ceramic stones and holders with every grill purchase. We focus on the little things that make a great ceramic grill, even better. We can package and price a Primo to fit your budget and cooking needs.

Vision, Pit Boss, LG, Other Kamado Grills

Through Ceramic Grill Store, we offer a wide range of accessories for other ceramic grills. We have Pit Boss, LG,, Vision, Saffire and Grill Dome grills in the store, so hands on demonstrations are possible. We'll hook you up with the popular set-ups: raised and multi-grid, two zone, pizza and wokking. Specialty cooks, we gotcha covered.